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A quick word from our happy customers.

How can we prove to you that we are good people that genuinely want to help you out with our free service? We have a lot of happy customers... check out their stories below.

" Tony and I recently used HomeVisor and we had an exceptional experience! HomeVisor connected us with a great agent that was very knowledgeable in the area and school district we wanted to be in. The agent that they recommended to us was a perfect personality fit! I would strongly encourage anyone in the market for selling or buying a home to use HomeVisor to help you find the ideal agent for your needs! "


" My husband and I are originally from Chicago. We moved to Rochester, Minnesota for my job. After renting about a year we decided we wanted to purchase a home up in the Twin Cities. With hundreds of realtors out there, we had no idea where to begin choosing. Especially with not being from the area. I read an article in Rochester's newspaper, Post Bulletin. It featured Brett and his new business venture with HomeVisor. It seemed too good to be true. Someone with real estate knowledge and expertice who helps you find a realtor and I don't have to sign a contract or even pay?? I contacted Brett soon thereafter and could not be any more pleased with my experience. My husband and I loved the realtor he paired us up with and we found our home within a month! I'm still amazed at how simple the whole process was. It's an ingenius idea and we are so thankful for his services! Thank you Brett! "


" The HomeVisor concept is a wonderful idea! It takes a lot to find a good Realtor that works for you, and HomeVisor does all the legwork of finding that perfect fit. "


" When we were trying to decide who we were going to work with, there’s so much information and we felt like there are so many Realtors out there. It's totally overwhelming. You hear the names of Realtors, but you just really never know where to go, who to call or what they're going to be like. It was really helpful for my husband and I to be able to work with HomeVisor. They prescreened the Realtor that they felt would be the best fit for us. It made the entire process so much more comforting. "


" As a current owner of an out of state property, I know firsthand the frustrations that go along with trying to find a Realtor to help me with my real estate needs. The HomeVisor concept is fantastic! It fills a void in the real estate market that nothing else out there touches. "


" HomeVisor is a great service! It really helped point us in the right direction and gave us the confidence that we were being paired with the right Realtor to help us find the right house. "


" We found that there are so many different types of Realtors, there are thousands of Realtors to choose from, they all have different specialties, and they're all in different areas. HomeVisor cuts the process down in a major way. "


" Thanks to HomeVisor for pairing us with a great realtor to find us our perfect house!! "