Finding the best Real Estate AGENTS for home BUYERS and SELLERS


How it works

How do we find the right Agent for YOU?

We start by talking to you — yes, a real live conversation! We are NOT automated online bots, we are real people doing real research. We listen to your wants and needs. Everything we learn from you helps us find the Right Agent for you. We love doing ourjob, and here is how we do it...

Here is the quick short-attention-span version of our research process:

Here is our research process in much more detail:

PHASE ONE — Getting to know YOU.

We start by talking to you. We get to know you and find out what you are looking for in an Agent. Additionally, if you are a Buyer we need to know what type of home you are looking to buy, and if you are a Seller we need to know what type of a home are you selling. Nothing too crazy or private, but simple stuff such as:

More will come up in our conversation, but that’s a general idea of what we are looking for. Our initial conversation will last about ten to fifteen minutes. Once we get a good understanding of you, and your real estate needs, we go into phase two - research mode.

PHASE TWO — Finding the Right Agent for YOU

Now that we know who you are, and what you are looking for, we are off and running on our research. Think of our research process like a funnel, we start broad and then narrow it down. Keep in mind that we do NOT have a ‘network’ of Agents, we start from scratch every time. For example, if you are looking for a $200,000 condo in Los Angeles, or a $4 million estate in Malibu, the type of Agent we find for you is going to be very different Each situation is unique, you are unique, we tailor our research to YOUR specific needs.

We start by analyzing data from various sources such as MLS statistics and reports, market data, real estate sales reports, publically available information, and our own proprietary database. Based on that data, we narrow our search down to a handful of local real estate brokerages that are best suited to your specific needs. We then interview sales managers at those brokerages who recommend their best agents. We cross reference those recommended agents with more sales data and narrow it down to roughly six agents that have been (a) recommended by their brokerage sales manager, and (b) appear to be a good fit based on our data. Phew!

Now we call and talk to each of those agents. We ask a lot of questions We dig deep. We want to make sure that not only are they capable, but that they are a good personality fit with you. We want to make sure they are as passionate about working with you as we are! We also check into things such as are they going on vacation for a month, or have theyjust decided to go part time.

This is where we excel. This is where we add value. This is the fun part for us...doing the research and finding the right Agent for YOU!

PHASE THREE — Referral and follow-up.

Now that we have found the right Agent for you, we make the introduction. This part is simple - we send out an email to both you and the Agent to introduce each other.

However, we don’t stop there! We are high touch. We follow-up. We follow-up to make sure you and the Agent connect. We follow-up to make sure you and the Agent click. We follow-up to make sure you have a successful transaction!

Want to see how it works first hand? Give us a shot! Sign’s free...and there is no obligation.