When your house has incredible woodwork and hardwood floors or is located in an award-winning school district, it’s easy to know what to include in the description of your home when you put it on the market. When your home is an average house in an average neighborhood, though, you might have a harder time knowing what to mention to set yours apart from the rest of the homes for sale. 

You could have an edge on other home sellers and not even know it. In this list, read five features that home buyers love, but home sellers fail to mention.

1. Storage. Do you have big closets? How about considerable attic space? Is your kitchen basically wall-to-wall cabinets? Storage spaces like these are important to most home buyers, whether it’s a first time home buyer trying to escape a cramped rental space or a family looking for their next home with storage needs for kid stuff. This goes especially true for any customized or built-in closet, kitchen or garage organizer systems that you plan on leaving when you move.

2. Senior-friendly features. Not everyone is going to be looking for senior-friendly features, but some features that are good for older people are also great for families with small children and Boomers who may want to find a home in which to “age in place”. “Senior friendly” doesn’t necessarily mean disability features (though those could be worth mentioning, too!), but more like homes with level entrances that have no stairs to the front door, single-story layouts with no interior stairs, and low-maintenance landscaping. 

3. Proximity. Most people search for homes in neighborhoods where they want to live, but they might not necessarily know what is nearby to your home.  Potential buyers might not be familiar with the hidden gems that locals like you love.  Buyers could also be relocating and not have the “hands-on” experience of knowing what is nearby. If there is a park, university, major employer, public transpiration station or other amenity nearby, include it in your description. 

4. Walkability. Speaking of proximity, one home feature that many families and Millennials like is walkability. Walkability isn’t just a matter of having attractive features nearby, it must actually be easy to get to them on foot, with sidewalks, trails and marked cross-walks. You might not have even realized that “walkability” is something people like, but more and more people are looking to save on transportation costs and get more active by walking or biking to destinations. 

5. Green features. Green features in a home tend to save inhabitants money on energy and water. Pretty much everyone is interested in that. If your home has solar panels, a graywater system or tankless water heater, include it in your real estate listing! Even something as simple as water-saving shower features, dual-paned windows and new insulation could be worth a mention. 

Sometimes it can be hard to market your home when it’s pretty average, in a sea of other similar homes. If it has one or more of the features above and you haven’t mentioned them in the real estate listing for your home, you could be missing out. Though these features probably won’t make or break your home sale, mentioning them could entice someone to take a closer look at your home. 

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